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DJ Miss World (Margreet Stol)  spins  grooves from all corners of the world.

Afro, Arabic, Latin, Bollywood, Balkan.. versus dance, ska, funk, electro drum ‘n bass etc.....

Being a percussionist as well, Miss World has always had a passion for ethnic grooves.

That's why she likes to find new grooves, something she hasn't heard before.


For some people ‘world music’ has some kind of dusty, wooly image.

And not all world music is so accessible for people who are not familiar to it.

Therefore, Miss World goes for multi-culti-crossover with western dance.

Miss World doesn't like to categorise as a person, so with music she  also likes it mixed.

A chameleon flaring rainbow coulors, taking people on a real trip adventure.

Without problems, she mixes balkan with afrohouse on the beat…

Let her surprise you with beats from far out places,

 varying from party music with a fairly organic feel to full-on  electronic etnobeat!


Performing on a wide range of occasions, Miss World likes to tune her style of music to the event.

As a DJ for multicultural- and world music events, she tends to spin a lot more organic sounding party music than she would on a trance or techno party. On trance parties she likes to play stuff like afrohouse, indian electro or arabian trance.

Although Miss World likes her set mixed, she can provide for themes events as well,

such as afro, latin, oriental or gypsy/balkan etc.


Miss  World started to DJ on a monthly basis at underground club Bar en Boos in Leiden in 2005, where she still throws parties every last Friday of the month today.

Since 2006 Miss World has played all over the country on a variety of events from festivals to raves, clubs, museums and radio..

She is a resident DJ of Bar en Boos and world music centre ‘De X’ in Leiden, DJ's in Het Paard Van troje in Den Haag at world music concerts, played on a number of multicultural events, International Women's Day, clubs like LVC, Rasa, Ruigoord  and more as well as on a number of underground dance 'n trance parties around the country.

Miss World loves performing together with DJ PolyEsta; another experienced female global beats DJ.

Together they are ‘Dunya soundsystem’.

She also likes to work together with party collectives as Cosmic Combination, Psytech and NRcake.

Since January 2009, Miss World has her own radio show at the Concertzender;  

a national radio station for the Netherlands (on internet, cable and satellite).

An one hour mix with non-stop global dance.

It’s called 'Solta a Franga', a party without borders, broadcasted every Third Friday of the month, from midnight until one (GMT -1hr).


Miss World is also an event organiser and versatile performer.

She initiates events like  a monthly jam session, a drumcircle, theme parties, concerts  and theater.

She likes to experiment by mixing different disciplines into something new.



Mixes by Miss World, podcasts and tracklists


Solta a Franga Concertzender January 2009

Solta a Franga Concertzender February 2009

Solta a Franga Concertzender March 2009 (Celtic/Nordic mix)

Solta a Franga Concertzender April 2009

Solta a Franga Concertzender May 2009  (oriental mix)

Solta a Franga Concertzender June 2009

Solta a Franga Concertzender July 2009 (Brazilian Mix)

Solta a Franga Concertzender  August 2009 (N/W African mix)

Solta a Franga Concertzender September 2009

Solta a Franga Concertzender October 2009




Some venues where Miss World has performed:


LVC, Leiden,

Paard van Troje, Den Haag

Paradiso, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum van Volkenkunde, Leiden

Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Rasa, Utrecht

De Badcuijp, Amsterdam

Zaal 100, Amsterdam

Vrankrijk, Amsterdam

Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag

International Women’s Day, Delft

World Music Center ‘De X’

Salsiando, Leiden

Bar en Boos,  Leiden

Musicon, Den Haag

Odessa, Leiden

Eurodusnie, Leiden

SLV Catena, Leiden

Multipleks, Leiden

The Couch, Leiden

Grensgeval, Baarle-Nassau

Triptitukkerland, Twente

Concertzender radio (Solta a Franga)

Holland Centraal radio (Next Groove)